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captain david ross

David Ross

Captain David has been sailing and traveling to the Channel Islands since the age of 6. With over 1000 trips to Santa Catalina Island over the past 45 years, Catalina is David’s backyard. Growing up in a boating family David practically lived on the water his whole life and would never trade this experience for anything. Having taught sailing in college at UCLA as well as numerous sailing schools in Southern California, his cruising and racing experience has taken him from San Francisco to Bar Navidad MX.

Continuing the family experience David’s teenage kids 13 and 17 can be found all over Marina del Rey and Catalina Island continuing the family adventures. With over 20 N2E races under his belt and is a proud member of the Channel Islands All Eight Club  ( see #201) and with over 50,000 miles on the water Captain David and crew will introduce you to the  beauties and wonders of Santa Catalina Island.

Heather Gift

Heather Gift

Captain Heather’s love of being on the water began when she was a teenager when she had her first boat ride. She had always dreamed of sailing away on the sunset and her wish came true when she met David. Her experience ranges from extensive cruising and racing. She has been an avid boater with over 4500 miles of travel under her belt from Point Conception to Mexico including beautiful Santa Catalina Island.

As a child Heather was always curious and engaged with nature and plants. Her mother is a landscape designer and taught Heather to love gardening, and native plant  conservation. Heather spends lots of time reading, painting and drawing the flowers and foliage of any plant species she can photograph in Catalina. Heather has shared her love of nature and plants with her two adult daughters (22 and 25) they both appreciate and understand her love for Catalina. The island has a special place in Heather’s heart as it has some of the most varied and individual species of plants and animals in the Baja coastline which she can’t wait to share with you.

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