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Gain the tools and confidence to go onto your next Fun Sailing Adventure.
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We don't do cruises, We do Adventures!

Learn to read charts, steer, set your course and experience, plenty of fun, celebration, and camaraderie along the way.

On your 3 days and 2 nights with Sailing Adventures, you will sail on the ocean, explore islands, learn sea navigation, and sleep aboard the boat.

Work with your team and keep the expedition on course. Gain the tools and confidence to go onto your next Adventure.

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Sailing with us you will be hands on a working sailboat. You’ll be doing the safety checks and provisioning, navigation, weather planning, knot tying, anchoring, and sitting a watch all under the watchful guide of your faithful Captain.  

Join us for a multi-day adventure and learning cruise!
Your 100+ mile Adventure begins in Santa Barbara Harbor. First, you will learn about what safety gear you will need to know how to operate, and how to Provision the boat for your Adventure. Sailing lessons begin on day one and carry through the entire trip. Next, we will depart for Santa Cruz Island and spend the night on anchor. Day 2 we will sail off to beautiful Santa Barbara Island. Along the way you will learn, knot tying (essential on any sailboat) Navigation, and Weather. We will round out your trip with a final stop at Catalina Island or Santa Monica Bay.

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